Παραδοσιακές τουριστικές επιπλωμένες κατοικίες


Interesting monuments are the settlement’s churches:

  • “Taxiarxes” is the metropolis of Areopolis, located in the historical Square 17th March 1821 and has a significant sculptured channel screen and an outstanding relief decoration on stone. The impressive multi-storey church tower (1836) constitutes the city’s index mark.
  • The small, simple churches of Agia Triada – The Trinity – (before the 17th century), Saint Kyriaki and Saint Peter, in the old west side of the city.
  • Saint John the Forerunner (early 18th century) of Mavromihalis with excellent murals dating back to 1746 and 1868.
  • Madonna Georgianiki (mid 18th century) of Mavromihalis with beautiful primitive reliefs on stone and a channel screen with remarkable icons.
  • Saint Nicholas (1807) with a twelve-side cupola and a quite interesting wood seraglio.
  • The double church of Madonna and Saint Charalambos, at Niarhakos square, having murals of 1869 and a fascinating gradational church tower with reliefs on stone.
  • Saint Athanassios church at the Athanaton square (square of the immortals)
  • Episkopi (St. George, 1200 Anno Domini)
  • Saints Sergius and Bacchus (12th century)
  • Panagia I Faneromeni (Dryalos cloister)
  • Panagia Spileotissa (cloister close to Oitylo)
  • Panagia Odigitria (Tigani)
  • Dekoulou Monastery (Oitylo)


  • Tigani (challenge for hiking lovers). Ruins of a Frankish castle (13th century)
  • Kelefa
  • Passava
  • Achilleio-Porto Kagio


  • Dyros Caves (Alepotrypa, Glyfada, Katafygi)
  • Apidima, Kalamakia
  • Alatsopilo

Stone bridges:

  • Saint Paraskevi, Ksepapadianika, Koukou


  • Neolithic Museum of Dyros

Lighthouse: Cape Tenaro

Vatheia: Traditional stone-constructed settlement

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